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What is Polylith Synthetic Paper?

Polylith synthetic paper combines the durability of plastic with the printability of paper. Polylith papers are far stronger and more durable than conventional paper. The Polylith product line includes the largest selection of grades, gauges, finishes available from a single supplier.

What is Polylith Synthetic Paper?

There are two major grade families in the Polylith product line, the "G" series, which are tear-resistant products and the "P" series, which are no-tear products.

Polylith "P" series products are a multi-ply material made from polypropylene resin, clay and titanium dioxide and are available 2-side clay coated, 1-side clay coated and uncoated.  The "G" series products are a mono-layer material mineral reinforced with blends of inert calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide for whiteness and increased opacity.

Properties and Benefits

Polylith synthetic papers are resistance to water, chemicals, oils and grease. They're dimensionally stable when exposed to moisture and humidity and can withstand temperatures ranging from-60�F to over 200�F and they are resistant to cracking, shrinking or distortion in size or color. Polylith synthetic papers are unaffected by most common chemicals and do not absorb oils or grease and can be easily cleaned. Polylith products satisfies relevant CONEG, CA Prop 65, Ozone and FDA requirements for food contact, depending on specific grade selection.

Synthetic Paper Printability

As with traditional papers, Polylith synthetic papers generally work well with conventional flexographic, lithographic, gravure, letterpress, screen printing and thermal transfer and require no pre-treatment. Bright, vibrant colors are brought to life on Polylith since the ink is not absorbed and has excellent bonding characteristics. This allows excellent ink coverage and superior print fidelity.


Whether embossed, foil stamped, glued, scored, perforated, die-cut or thermal-formed, Polylith synthetic papers are strong performers.

Recycling and Environmental

Its non-toxic characteristics make Polylith synthetic paper 100 percent recyclable. Polylith produces no toxic gases when incinerated. In addition, since it is a polyolefin based synthetic paper, it can be recycled along with other plastic packaging materials, such as PE, PP and PET bottles, without the need to separate the materials in the recycling process. Polylith is environmentally friendly and is manufactured in accordance with strict pollution control procedures.

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